A Door Opens

The author of Stern remembers his heady first days on the literary scene

Anger Management

Fifty years ago Gerald Green, who died this week, wrote a prescient bestseller about a Hebrew Hammer-style vigilante with his own reality show

From Bethlehem to Jerusalem

Set in a hardscrabble mining town, Bathsheba Monk’s stories chronicle a Polish Catholic girl’s mounting interest in Judaism

Brownsville Revisited

A graphic look at the neighborhood that spawned Danny Kaye, Mel Brooks, Jerry Stiller

Beautiful Loser

With a new documentary and a book of poems, Leonard Cohen is primed for a comeback. For Suzanne Snider, he never went away.

The Spy Who Loved Me

An Israeli thriller that captivated Graham Greene

Give ‘Em Hecht

A young Chicago newspaperman thought he was perfect for the part of his hero

Stompin’ at the Savoy

A picture-book writer learns the identity-politics dance

Virgin Territory

Falling for a younger man who wants an arranged marriage. Plus: An audio interview with the author.

Let’s Get Lost

Rebecca Solnit wanders and ponders landscapes haunted by Walter Benjamin and Leopold Bloom

Note From the Underground

A fictional account of a terrorist attack becomes eerily prescient

Plot Heavy

How two books about conspiracy theories get it wrong

Girl Wonder

Melissa Bank’s heroines are witty, self-deprecating, underachieving…and Jewish

Summer Reading

Hear recommendations from Tony Kushner, Myla Goldberg, Gary Shteyngart, and others

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