Fatah Elects a Jew

Uri Davis calls himself ‘a Palestinian, Hebrew, of Jewish origin, anti-Zionist’

Fatah Conference Ends

Issues broadsides on Israel, Hamas

Who Killed Arafat?

It’s Israel’s fault, says Fatah

Court Orders Palestinians Evicted

From East Jerusalem homes

Self-Loving Emanuel No ‘Self-Hating Jew’

Bibi denies earlier remark; profile proves it wrong

Israel Attacks With Sex Gum

Targeting Palestinian youth, Hamas says

Novelist Messud Visits Middle East

And Marty Peretz—her husband’s old boss—is not amused

Could Hamas Lose?

A new poll indicates flagging support from Palestinians

Jimmy Carter Is Not Dead

Perhaps thanks to Hamas?

Obliging Obama

What Netanyahu said yesterday, and to whom he was saying it

Man of the Past

Netanyahu is a leader mired in history, not looking to the future

Bibi’s Two-State Plan

Requires Palestinian demilitarization

Pure and Simple

Or, a chronicle of a death foretold

Money Pit

Casualties be damned—the war in Gaza may be all about economics

Soldier’s Story

An animated investigation of war

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