Daybreak: Hard Not To Feel the Hope

Plus Israel’s Gorbachev, and more

Daybreak: After Hamas Attack, Massive Arrests

Plus ambition we can maybe believe in, and more in the news

Daybreak: Obama Pulls Military Ties Closer

Plus Parker favors Park51, and more in the news

Making History

Israeli President Shimon Peres reflects on his mentor, his peace partner, and whether the State of Israel will survive


Obama’s embrace of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan threatens both Israel and the Palestinian Authority


Michael Oren, Israel’s U.S. ambassador, says Washington will always need his country as an ally

Daybreak: Sanctions Vote Tomorrow?

Plus reverse flotillas, and more in the news

The Honest Broker

Robert Malley, a former Clinton official, says Hamas must be engaged

Daybreak: Opening the Cabinet

Plus Petraeus denies ‘linkage,’ and more in the news

‘Occupied’ Sesame Street

P.A. children’s show propagandizes to Israeli Arabs

Hamas Blames Killing on Egypt and Jordan?

Today in the Dubai Murder Mystery

Sundown: Goldstone Returns

Plus not-free speech, Silver Jew, and more

Daybreak: Dubai Murder Mystery

Plus new U.S. Syria envoy also killed Jesse James, and more

Daybreak: A Same-Named Killing

Plus Iran’s big day, U.N. sanctions near, and MoHouse in the news

Daybreak: Russia Gets Real

Plus Fatah and Hamas feud over electricity, and more in the news

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