Hamas’s Charming New TV Show

The Israeli-soldier character is, let us say, not the hero

The Pragmatist

Is Salam Fayyad the Palestinian Ben-Gurion?

Israel Starts Implementation of Settlement Freeze

Settlers refuse to comply

Daybreak: Is Abbas Necessary for Peace?

Crisis mounts, a smaller White House Hanukkah, and more in the news

P.A.’s Unilateral Plan Not Finding Backers

U.S., Europeans, Hamas all voice objections

Daybreak: World-Champion Rabbi

Plus Palestinian plans and David Irving’s email, and more in the news

Sundown: Have You Hugged a Jew Today?

Plus elections deferred, spilling the beans, and more

Abbas Won’t Seek Reelection, He Says

Palestinian president won’t run in election called for January

Erekat: Two-State Plan Must Be Dropped

If Israel won’t stop settlement construction

Is a Third Intifada Starting?

An explosion in Jerusalem may be inevitable, says an Israeli columnist

A Palestinian Peace Accord

Between Fatah and Hamas, that is

Abbas Willing to Talk to Netanyahu

At U.N. next month, albeit informally

Fatah Conference Ends

Issues broadsides on Israel, Hamas

Tom Friedman Has Seen the Great Arabic Hope

And, believe it or not, it’s the Palestinian Authority

Arabs Must Step Up

Clinton says in Council on Foreign Relations address

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