U.S. Shift on E. Jerusalem: Bad, or Wrong?

One blogger is worried about the change, another doesn’t buy it

Milk, Honey, and Figs

A Jerusalem farmers market brings produce across the Green Line

Daybreak: Gadhafi Unwelcome in N.J. Suburb

A test-prep magnate dies, Palestinian developments, and more from the news

Sundown: A Different Kind of Death Sentence

Rockin’ to Peres, belated womanhood, and fear in Pittsburgh

Israel’s Migrant-Labor Problems

Won’t go away, because Israelis won’t hire Arabs

Daybreak: Talking About Talking

A Saudi nuclear plant, a Satmar rivalry

Fatah Elects a Jew

Uri Davis calls himself ‘a Palestinian, Hebrew, of Jewish origin, anti-Zionist’

Palestinians Are Jewish

Claims eccentric Israeli entrepreneur

Daybreak: Boston Jews Divided

A letter, a warning, and more from the news

Sundown: Matzoh Boob

France, rhetoric, and the soldiering life

Daybreak: Fatah Conference

And Mike Bloomberg in hot water, in the morning news

Daybreak: The ‘Times’ Makes Some Suggestions

Turkey wants in, Lieberman picks a fight, and more

Israel TV Ad Fight Continues, with Tear Gas!

Latest response to cell-phone ad mocks IDF

Bridge the Security Fence

With soccer and cell phones, ad suggests

Sundown: Ye Olde Jewish Shoppes

The wondrous Dead Sea, more from Roya, and love for the Body

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