A Mother’s Move Back to New York From Israel

The New York Times parenting blog documents one family’s return to the U.S.

When Babies Star in Viral Videos

The problem with the video of the baby crying as her mom sings to her

In Death of Ex-Hasid Estranged From Her Religious Children, a Mirror for Trauma of Many

A father reflects on his own efforts to stay close to his children after deciding to live a secular life

My Jewish Son, Peter

Reconciling my son’s Jewish identity with his New Testament name

Opinionator Runs Headlong Into a Jewish Mother

The Times declares war on parenthood and loses.

Mourning Glory

When a mother succumbs to cancer in old age, and a father faces his own mortality, a son is reminded of the blessings of a good shiva

Predictive Pastry

If Gender Cakes can reveal whether your child will be a boy or a girl—and, in a new trend, they can—just think of all the other life questions that can be answered by clever foodstuffs

Recycling Time

Rosh Hashanah, a reminder of the cyclical nature of Jewish life, provides good lessons for parenting

Return to Never Never Land

Continuing the conversation on kids and Israel

Michael Chabon’s WASP Envy

Revealed in new book of essays

Adventures in Babyland

Writer Sam Apple on how parenthood changed him—and how it didn’t

The Big Day

After a year of unpleasant planning (or lack thereof), I found unplanned pleasure at my son’s bar mitzvah

God Is in the Details

After months of avoiding the big decisions, we finally began making the small ones

What Lies Beneath

One author thought moving to New York meant severing her small town roots. Then she started writing fiction.

First Cut

The one rite even shrimp-eaters don’t forsake

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