Daybreak: Direct Talks! September!

Plus Israel may have more time with Iran, and more in the news

Daybreak: Decreased Support Stateside

Plus Khamanei nixes talks with sanctions, and more in the news

The New Anti-Semitism

Recent attacks on Islam in the United States echo old slurs against Jews

Sundown: Imams in Dachau To Remember

Plus Hitch is proud to be Jewish, and more

Hip Meets Square

What the Cordoba Initiative wasn’t ready for

A Stupid Analogy

Why Park51 and East J’lem are unrelated

Daybreak: Obama Pulls Military Ties Closer

Plus Parker favors Park51, and more in the news


‘Sharia’ is a much more abstract concept than ideologues—whether Mideast Islamists or Newt Gingrich—suggest

Sundown: Embassy Attacker Neutralized

Plus mass nudity at the Dead Sea, and more

Obama’s Park51 Mistake

Guess what happens when you try to please everybody

Sundown: Bad Bedfellows

Plus Obama says Turkish arms sales are safe, and more

Obama Backs Islamic Center, Sort Of

Clear on developers’ rights, less on wisdom

Daybreak: Bibi Rejects ’67 Precondition

Plus victory of the mock-Nazi stork, and more

Despite Victory, Islamic Center Still Opposed

Cordoba Initiative faulted for poor P.R. planning

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