Beinart Explains Himself

What AIPAC et al should do

Critics Accuse Essay of Ignoring Israel’s Enemies

Conservatives wonder at Beinart’s omission

Today on Tablet

Berman takes flight, Zionism for kids, and more

Never Never Land

I can’t talk to my kids about Israel

‘L’affaire Beinart’ Continues

Responses to Zionism essay pour in

The Haircut Heresy

A haftorah of fiery angels and fading strength

Sundown: Peace, Love, and Understanding?

Plus Beinart is no ‘hater,’ and more

Beinart Speaks to Tablet

Defends NYRB piece, which was originally for NYT Mag

In U-Turn, Beinart Slams Israel, AIPAC

Warns Zionism is increasingly for the Orthodox

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