A Nobel for Amos Oz?

British bookies Ladbrookes favor him

British Novel About Aging Lithuanian-Born Jew

Adam Thirlwell’s latest gets mixed reaction

Is the ‘Juicebox Mafia’ Today’s ‘House Jews’

Are anti-Israeli Jews self-hating? And what should they be called?

Jewish Crooks

Our editor ponders Madoff, Dwek, and other shandes

Idol Chatter

In his essays, Leonard Michaels worried about the line between art and the profane

Sundown: Groovin’ to Philip Roth

An unlikely techno song, keg stands in the holy land, and diaspora equality

Party Animal

The enigmatic “Jew fairy” at the center of The Boys in the Band

Fighting Words

Can literature help bring peace to the Middle East?

American Psyche

Philip Roth’s latest protagonist—a teenager—has some adjustment issues

Hack Job

The surgical steps Alfred Hitchcock Presents took to adapt Philip Roth for television

Restoration Project

Where have all Bernard Malamud’s readers gone?

Piperno’s Complaint

Italy’s new literary It Boy takes more than one page out of Philip Roth

Little Rascal

Thirty years ago, Philip Roth sent up Nixon in an overlooked satire that expanded his turf from neurosis to the American political canvas.

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