Eastern Exposure

David Shneer’s new book on Soviet Jewish photographers and the pictures they took offers a new perspective on 20th-century history, from the Russian Revolution to the Holocaust

Ebb and Flow

Israeli-born photographer Nadav Kander traveled China’s Yangtze river to chart the country’s transformation. He brought back a meditation on universal change.

Picture Imperfect

Are there right and wrong ways of looking at Holocaust-era photographs?

Question of Faith

Photos: In Medellín, Colombia, Jewish converts trace their heritage to the Spanish Inquisition

The Holocaust in Russia, Photographed

The Soviet Union obscured victims’ Jewishness

Shift in Focus

Tired of glossy magazines, photographer Harry Borden turned his attention—and lens—toward Holocaust survivors

Sundown: Goldstein Versus Goldstone

Plus kids in government, Nimoy’s exit, and more

A Permanent Remembrance

Holocaust survivors sit for stunning portraits

How Bibi Gets His Way

One word for it might be ‘nagging’

Close Up

Photographer Frederic Aranda offers an intimate glimpse into the Lubavitch world

Fashion Photog Irving Penn Dies

Was mightier than Jews-as-outsiders stereotype

Daybreak: War Crimes

Hamas and Israel both guilty, Rome adopts Shalit, and more from the news.


Did Jewishness inform Robert Frank’s photographic vision?

Temple Seeker

Thomas Roma photographs Brooklyn’s synagogues past and present

Memory Trip

Rachel Lichtenstein takes us on a tour of forgotten places along London’s Brick Lane

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