Harry Potter

And the Jewish poetry alias

Sundown: A Campy Idea

Fashion plates, golden coffins, and bad verse

Happy Birthday, Mr. Ginsberg

The beat poet would have been 83.

Emma Lazarus

Canon Fodder

The short, tragic life of English poet Isaac Rosenberg

A Life Between Lines

Adina Hoffman’s quasi-biography of Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali

A Poet

How Louis Zukofsky grappled with Marxism, music, and math

Jazzed Up

Robert Pinsky’s poetry gets a rhythm section

On the Shekhina’s Wings

A new collection offers four centuries of women’s spiritual literature

Present Tense

Can contemporary poetry engage the ancient art of prophecy?

Intimate Stranger

A young poet’s journey on the island of Djerba

Vision of Unity

An activist poet explores the religious side of social justice

Call and Response

Cabaret-punk band Barbez pays tribute to Paul Celan

Prayer Revival

A poet brings a collection of 19th-century supplications back to life

The Man Who Would Be King

Thirty years ago, Leslie Epstein raised hackles with his fictional take on the Lodz ghetto

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