Did NYC Candidate Publish Anti-Gay Ad to Attract Satmars?

Ad ran in Yiddish paper, candidate denies placing it


Ted Kennedy—friend of Israel, champion of social justice, advocate for Soviet Jews—became part of our family

Brothers’ Keepers

A Torah portion of speaking up and standing out

Barney Frank Swats Down Questioner

For comparing Obama’s health-care plans to Nazis

Uncle Bloomberg Wants YOU

Mayor seeks campaign workers. Yiddish preferred.

Specter Tied in Senate Poll

For this he changed parties?

Chicken Soup for the Macaca Soul

George Allen’s book of moral lessons

Palin’s Jewish Successor

Democrat Ethan Berkowitz considers an Alaska run

Hezbollah’s Defeat Was Its Own Fault

Obama can’t claim credit for Islamic party’s mistakes

Baruch Obama

How a black president was imagined as a Jewish one, more or less

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