Obama’s Call for Peace Charms Israeli Students

But young Israeli leaders want deeds to match words

The Obama Trip to Israel Gets Underway

POTUS is greeted by Bibi, sees Iron Dome, avoids a broken down limo

Daybreak: Habemus Obama Visit!

Plus the Baltimore Ravens will NOT be playing on Rosh Hashanah

The Golden Girls, American, and Israel

Taking a metaphor to its logical extreme

Daybreak: Obama Sets Goals for Israel Trip

Plus taking another look at FDR and the Jews

Daybreak: Rand Paul’s Filibuster Ends

Plus Silvio Berlusconi gets a year in jail

Now: Chuck Hagel at His Nomination Hearing

The defense secretary nominee is getting grilled

Sundown: Let The Next Fiscal Crisis Begin

Plus the youngest survivor on Schindler’s list dies at 83

Daybreak: Nomination Day Arrives

Plus a new round of sanctions against Iran take hold

Report: Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary

The former senator has been a lightning rod for criticism

Imagining Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

How the role of defense secretary is being defined

Daybreak: Syria Bombs Palestinian Camps

Plus Jacob Ostreicher finally released by Bolivia

Daybreak: Newtown Brings Focus to Faith

Plus John Kerry to replace Clinton at State Department

Buried October Surprise? Iran Shot at U.S. Drone

The news comes days after Valerie Jarrett was said to be involved in Iran negotiations

The ECI’s Bibi-Obama Robocalls Are Kind of Sad

And everything that’s wrong with the American discourse on Israel

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