Bleak House

The prospects for a Palestinian state have rarely been more grim

Grandmother’s House

Her family’s Holocaust-haunted past informs the new album from singer-songwriter Clare Burson

A Revised Take on Palestinian Refugees

Essay enhances indictment of post-’48 Arab governments

Strangers in a Strange Land

A haftorah of decency and despair


South Lebanon Army soldiers fought alongside IDF troops in their country and followed them south when Israel withdrew. Now they’re waiting for a chance to go home.

Daybreak: Welcome Back, Westboro

Fear in Israel, suspicion in the U.S., and more from the news

Far and Away

A new book amasses the varied tales of those who fled the Third Reich

Daybreak: Two States, and Exiles

Bibi’s speech, kosher Google, and more from the morning papers

Lady Intrepid

Ruth Gruber has seen it all—from refugee camps to Virginia Woolf’s parlor

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