The Fayyad Enigma

What is the Palestinian prime minister driving at?

The Threat Behind the Freeze Deal

Why the carrots are really sticks

Daybreak: Huge Wins for GOP

Plus the Moses Herzog of terrorists, and more in the news

Q&A: Maen Rashid Areikat

The Palestinian ambassador to Washington sees a role for the American Jewish community in creating a Palestinian state

Daybreak: New Iran Plan in the Works

Plus a contemporary cause on ancient walls, and more in the news

Under Oath

Israel’s controversial new oath of allegiance reflects the reality of sectarian politics in the Middle East

Sundown: Abbas Wins Backing for Talks Halt

Plus Palestinian studies at Columbia, and more

You Better Recognize the Jewish State

But who is a Jew? A morning with Danny Ayalon

Sundown: Ayalon and Fayyad Don’t Play Nice

Plus Peres and Barak paint the town red, and more

Too Good To Be True?

Salam Fayyad, the West’s favorite Palestinian

Sundown: Expanded Fasting Edition

Fayyad’s police, playing on Kol Nidre, and more

Sundown: Shanah Tova Edition

Sending you off with extra material

The Two Mahmouds Snipe Over Direct Talks

Why Iran fears the peace process

Better Than Expected

Hope springs eternal, but could it be for real this time?

The Uninvited Prime Minister

Where the problematic ‘Fayyad Plan’ fits

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