For the Record

The stubbornly print-only Jewish Sports Review, run by an inimitable pair of boosters, is the go-to reference for identifying the athletic achievements of the tribe

Sundown: Bomb Plot Against Chicago Synagogues

Plus the crazy Russian Nets owner is Jewish after all (sorta), and more

Marquis to Pitch on Kol Nidre

‘Your team expects you’ says Jewish National

The Top 10 Jewish-American Athletes

Why now? Why not now?

Obama Fêtes the Jews

Our dispatch from the White House party

Daybreak: Obama Accuses Syria

Plus Australian ‘crisis,’ and more in the news

Look, Jews in Baseball!

Fourteen in the majors this year, as columnists continually remind us

Send Her Your Tired and Poor Votes

Vote for Lazarus in silly Jewish Hall of Fame contest

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