Iran Is Losing the Arab Spring

Plus a fascinating look inside Syria

Saudi Arabia Is Coming For Assad

Which is something Israel should probably welcome

U.S. Re-Upping Syrian Ambassador

In face of horrors and condemnations, engagement still continues


Obama’s unsuccessful foreign policy in the Mideast is based not on idealism or realpolitik but anti-colonialism, a legacy of the collapse of the European empires

We Love To Fly, Unless You’re A Jew

Delta’s deal with Saudi Arabian Airlines brings inconvenient truths to light

Daybreak: Unity Blues

Plus Obama ditches Weiner, and more in the news

One More Battle Between the U.S. and Iran

What Obama’s reactions to the Arab upheavals are really about

Sundown: Saudi Police Open Fire

Plus Rosenblatt’s jeremiad, Peres’s nonsense, and more

Egypt Sundown: Democracy, Hopefully

Plus the region-shaking, U.S. politicking, Moussa, and more

Sundown: The Week That Nothing Happened

Plus a few minor things that happened, and more

Assisted Suicide

When the Western press gives credence to anti-Israel propaganda, as it did in recent reports about a Palestinian woman killed by Israeli tear gas, it’s Arabs who are hurt most

Saudi Arabia Plans to Free Vulture-Spy

They have ways of making you brawck

The Vulture Was A Spy

And we have the proof!

Diplomacy’s Femme Fatale

Today on Tablet

The Game

The leaked State Department cables reveal the diplomatic seduction that defines relationships in the Middle East

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