To Bris or Not to Bris

‘New York’ mag considers the question, comprehensively

Civilization and Its Discontented

Exactly who heeded the call of Abraham? Book touring makes a writer wonder.

So Help Me Word

Shalom Auslander reads from his new memoir—and waits for calamity to strike

Crime and Punishment

Photo shoots, red wine, compliments

Sibling Rivalry

Cigarettes, Meatloaf, and four dysfunctional sons

Too Much Information

The virtues of living in a news vacuum

Wonder Wheel

My not-so-merry-go-round with doubt

Dirty Trickster

Every time I think I’m out, He pulls me in again

Dogs and Monsters

Shalom Auslander writes his way out of misery, latching on to a comic tradition he traces from Beckett to the National Lampoon.

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