Candidly Canetti

Lost Books

Sundown: Winning the Flotilla

Plus the uncowardly Robert Ford, the Hasidic Sam Spade, and more

Less Interesting Jewish Books

Thank God we have better stuff to read

Matzah Ball Soup for the Chinese Soul

The Jews and their excellentness

In Treatment

In Argentina, psychoanalysis is as common as Malbec

Pen Pal

In his letters, Saul Bellow was thoughtful, eloquent, feisty—and quite possibly at his most Jewish

Painfully Good

On the eve of the Oscars, an endorsement of ‘The White Ribbon’

Freud-Owned Hitler Painting For Sale

One Jew who may have helped the Führer out

Race Relations

Freud and his theories on the inheritance of Jewishness

Sundown: Obama’s Faux Pas?

He’s got sole, and more in today’s news

The Ha-Ha

What’s in a joke? Jim Holt finds out.

Master of the Orgasm

A fresh look at the laughingstock of psychoanalysis

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