The Ding-Dong Derby

The Shallowest, Least Thoughtful Commentators of the Week

Deflating the Notion That Jews Are Good With Money

Turns out Jewish Chairmen of the Federal Reserve have spotty records

Daybreak: Friday Riots Continue to Heat Up

Plus everything you might want to know about sequestration

Making the Case for Chuck Hagel

How some are making the case for nomination of Hagel for defense secretary

Sizing Up Shmuley

A profile of Boteach the candidate

Playing With Fire

When the comments on the blogs of Stephen Walt, Andrew Sullivan, Philip Weiss, and Glenn Greenwald turn ugly, who should be held accountable? Plus: A Jew-baiter’s lexicon.

Shoah Stories Win Prestigious Prize

A love story swallowed by the Holocaust

Live, From New York, It’s Tariq Ramadan

Formerly banned from U.S., professor preaches limited reform

The Jews’ Oscar Nominee

Looking back at ‘A Serious Man’

A Risk Mossad Felt Worth Taking

Today in the Dubai Murder Mystery

One-Fifth of Top Donors Are Jews

Includes Bloomberg and Soros; does not include Adelson

Sundown: Iran At Nuclear Crossroads

Plus the truth about kosher, Israel and Micronesia, and more

Introducing the iPad

Please resume thinking of us when you think ‘Tablet’

Meet The Likely Next Jewish Senator

Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal expected to win Dodd’s seat

Tomorrow Night, A Fun Holiday for Jews

Merry Nittel Nacht!

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