So That Happened

Smith’s column gets quite a response

Today on Tablet

The classical-music giant, and more

Mainstreaming Hate

How media companies are using the Internet to make anti-Semitism respectable

No Direction Home

Maybe American liberal Zionism simply isn’t worth saving

Not So Fast

Geoffrey Wawro’s Quicksand misses an opportunity to make an isolationist critique of U.S. Middle East policy

John Mearsheimer Has Got a Little List

‘Israel Lobby’ co-author names ‘New Afrikaners,’ ‘Righteous Jews’

Religion of Yes

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has always been divisive; now it’s being used as a wedge

Harvard Affiliate Lambasted Over Gaza Remarks

Kramer’s policies would lower birth rate

Sullivan Responds to Wieseltier’s Israel Charges

As does everyone else with an Internet connection

Britain Has a Powerful Israel Lobby, Too!

According to British TV investigation

Bin Laden Likes ‘The Israel Lobby’

His latest book endorsement

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