Today’s Sorry

He knows he shouldn’t make jokes about shul

Daybreak: A Pointless U.N. Meeting?

Obama plans a photo op, Russian inmates get sanctuary, and more in the news

How to Atone Like a Child

On Yom Kippur, kids will be kids

Sundown: The Loneliest Congregant

‘Six Feet Under’ is in, day school’s out, and kashrut’s on the rise

The iPhone’s Synagogue Locator

Where is the closest Temple Beth El?

Sundown: Fourth of Jewly?

Holy fireworks, non-revelations about God, and Eruv 2.0

Sundown: Bringing Home the Bacon

Creative hate crimes, Madonna goes wailing, and Ben Stiller as secret weapon

Sundown: The Florida Files

Emerging communities, reverse discrimination, and the loneliest graduation

On the Shekhina’s Wings

A new collection offers four centuries of women’s spiritual literature

Temple Seeker

Thomas Roma photographs Brooklyn’s synagogues past and present

Digging for Decalogues

Murray Zimiles explores the links between Torah arks and carousel horses

Memory Trip

Rachel Lichtenstein takes us on a tour of forgotten places along London’s Brick Lane

The Gayish Problem

In a few months our son will become a man, with all the rights and responsibilities of Jewish adulthood. But what about us?

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