Web Jew.0

Muslim zealots claim the Internet is a Jewish conspiracy. They’re not wrong.

2,000-Year-Old Man

Reconsidering Hillel, the legendary rabbi whose distillation of Judaism’s core teachings still applies

Law Practice: Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Jewish Law, and the Principle of Binding Precedent

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Jewish law, and the principle of binding precedent

Piece Meal

The first Passover celebrations included neither haggadah nor seder. With the passage of millennia, the two have become central elements. Herewith an interactive guide to the collage of texts that constitutes the holiday’s guidebook.

Hillel: If Not Now, When?

NEW. A bold new look at an iconic religious leader.

Presenting iTalmud

Is there an app for that? Let’s discuss for 17 weeks

Sundown: Talmud OKs Obama’s Bow

Plus against ‘going Muslim,’ Israel’s defenders, and more

Today on Tablet

Talmud for sale, hear the music, vote Democratic

Sundown: N.J. Informer Disowned By Father

Plus, Israel threatens Hezbollah

On the Shekhina’s Wings

A new collection offers four centuries of women’s spiritual literature

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