Pen Pals

David Grossman, Amos Oz, and A.B. Yehoshua have won international acclaim for being the intellectual leaders of Israel’s peace camp. It’s undeserved.

Design Within Reach

As he unveils a new line of affordable Judaica, architect Richard Meier reflects on his Jewishness

Sundown: That Was the Week That Was

Plus anti-anti-Semitism at Yale, and more

Dog Days

A hot day in Tel Aviv, a bored child, and a discussion of the Commandments


A thousand children of migrant workers await deportation from Israel

Sundown: West Bank Fire Was Intentional

Plus Pinsky and the Boss, and more

Sundown: U.S., Russian Presidents Talk Iran

Plus Gallaudet’s Jewish head, survivors’ cancer, and more

The Source

A look at Anat Kamm, who leaked secret IDF documents to a Haaretz reporter

Spies Like Us

Spy vs. spy intrigue between the CIA and Israel, centered around the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv

Today on Tablet

Tel Aviv culture clash, sprechen sie Deutsch?, and more

Jewish Terrorist Supplies Kinky Alibi

Can a porn fetish save a crazed killer?

Israel to Mark 14th Anniversary of Rabin Assassination

But at both far ends of political spectrum, memories aren’t so fond

$6 Million for Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum

This time, to teach Israels about Jews elsewhere

Jane Fonda Is Sorry

For signing on to Tel Aviv protest without due diligence

Beware Imported Shofars!

Buy local, say Tel Aviv rabbis

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