The Muslim Brotherhood, ‘A Major Player’

Top expert Bruce Riedel discusses Egypt and Jordan

‘Going To Make Progress Virtually Impossible’

Aaron David Miller on Egypt’s effect on the peace process


There are several good reasons why Israelis are pulling for the Mubarak regime to hold onto power in Egypt. But maybe they should be embracing change there, instead.

The View From Israel

Officials enter radio silence, watch events to the south anxiously

Meet Omar Suleiman

The vice president who could be Egypt’s next leader

What’s Going on in Egypt?

Judith Miller, former Cairo reporter, discusses the key players

Burning Bush

The mass uprising in Egypt that seems set to overthrow the Mubarak regime is the latest test of George W. Bush’s Freedom Agenda. The U.S. and Israel are hoping it works out better than the previous three.

Crisis in Cairo

Mubarak is an autocrat, but he’s also a pro-Israel U.S. ally. As his regime teeters, Tablet turns to experts for perspectives on a rapidly shifting landscape. The latest: foreign policy expert Leslie H. Gelb.

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