Mad as Hell

A Torah portion of cries, spies, and revolutions on the rise

The Real Housewives of the Bible

Numbers 4:21-7:89

Drowning in Numbers

Moses, Madoff, and the comforts of counting

All You Need Is Hate

Relationship advice from an angry God

Don’t Stop Believing

The good lessons in this week’s Torah portion, and Jack Black’s advice on what to do with the bad lessons.

God’s Zagat

Dining with the Deity has its own rules

Communication Breakdown

Why the Lord is no David Lynch

Memo From the Mount

Some advice on leadership from the original man in charge

A Man’s Got To Do

Ernest Shackleton, Moses and the brilliance of failing

All His Sons

What Noah and his brood can teach us about the upcoming election

Lookin’ Down on Creation

Why making stuff up is getting us down

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