Shonda in the Supreme Court

The Hobby Lobby decision was bleak—and the outlook is worse still

Why Didn’t FDR Help European Jews? Hints in His Decision To Intern Japanese Americans

Now, 70 years after the Supreme Court upheld the internment of civilians in WWII, it may revisit the ruling

The Rabbi and the Supreme Court

His frequent flier status was revoked for complaining too much, so he sued

El Al Discrimination Charges; Scalia Loves The Soup Nazi

Plus Israel rules prostitution earnings can be taxed, and more in the news

A One-Man Supreme Court

Why a quarter of a million people turned out to mourn Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv

Other Supreme Court Decides Jerusalem Case

Rules that federal judiciary may mediate Congress-president feud

Tropical Storm

Henry Miller had complicated feelings about Jews, but his works wouldn’t have reached American audiences without them

Where Is Jerusalem?

A question everybody and nobody wants to answer

Sundown: What, Syria Bad for Human Rights?

Plus the Supreme Court takes on Jerusalem, a Jew in Hogwarts, and more

Kagan Hearings Kick Off

Decline and fall of the WASP

Daybreak: Sanctions Bill Passed

Plus the all-religions yeshiva, and more in the news

Elena Kagan’s Jewish Jokes

We know she has some; tell us what they are!

Kagan Had Synagogue’s First Bat Mitzvah

High Court nominee was at modern Orthodox shul

Controversial Cross Stolen

ADL opposes cross, but opposes theft, too

Kagan’s Jewish Quotient

The nomination as ethnic moment

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