Of the People

Israeli democracy is strengthening, not weakening—and that might be the problem

Tropper Resigns From Yeshiva

Will Monsey’s faithful ever forgive disgraced rabbi?

Today on Tablet

An Orthodox sex scandal and the money behind it

Did NYC’s Transit Dept Strike a Backroom Deal with Satmars?

Bike lane disappears in Brooklyn after months of Hasidic complaints

Alleged Israeli Terrorist Arrested in ’97, Too

Back then he was targeting Palestinians

Knesset Moves Toward Civil Unions

Would provide marriage rights for non-Jewish Israelis

Jews, Muslims Riot Temple Mount

Dozens injured yesterday, 18 Palestinians arrested

Does BBC Think All Jews Are Hasids?

Photo choice suggests yes

Sundown: In Lieu of Flowers

A confusing request, faint praise, and a comic memoir

Sundown: Wild Things

Molestation arrests up in Brooklyn, mock court puts Abbas in slammer, Maurice Sendak, and more

Sundown: Jews and Arabs Unite!

Plus losses, a warning, and a literary reunion

Israeli Modesty Squads Fighting Miscegenation?

London writer says ultra-Orthodox groups have state OK to keep Jews, Arabs apart

Sundown: Caught Red-Butted

Caged wisdom, fear of prayer, and a specious search

Did NYC Candidate Publish Anti-Gay Ad to Attract Satmars?

Ad ran in Yiddish paper, candidate denies placing it

Is Jerusalem Online University a Scam?

Blogger charges it’s tricking secular students into Orthodoxy

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