Stepping It Up: It’s January, So Move It!

As the new year brings resolutions to get in shape, an illustrated memoir of my quest to find the right fitness program


An artist’s impressions of the “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women” exhibit at Yeshiva University Museum

Sundown: Iran Blast Halts Anti-Israel Project

Plus, Marc Jacobs’ spring collection stolen, Shteyngart’s bookshelf, and more

Stormy Weather

When an old frenemy gets back in touch, it raises the point crucial to Yom Kippur: Forgiveness doesn’t always fix everything, and that’s fine.

Sundown: Syria Faces Upheaval

Plus Mrs. God, and more

Support System

From Northern California to the Lower East Side and back again: An illustrator goes on a circuitous, emotional, and ultimately satisfying search for a well-fitting bra

All Your Vanessa Davis in One Place

Contributing editor’s comic book makes year-end top-ten list

The Cartoonist in the Flesh

Vanessa Davis comes to The Strand

Today on Tablet

Simchat Torah edition

Safer Torah

An illustrated look at Torah theft and Torah protection

On the Bookshelf

Back-to-school edition

Pekar’s ‘Jewish Review’ Collaborator Made a Stir

Writer’s widow resented Seibel

Today on Tablet

Keret on soccer, a good-bye to Pekar, and more

Tablet Magazine Celebrates One Year

These are a few of our favorite things, part 3

Today on Tablet

Tropper’s powerful ex-sponsor, a ‘Jersey Shore’ haftorah, and more

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