Love and Death

Long before the Supreme Court deemed violent video games free speech, the 1940s cultural critic Gershon Legman noted Americans’ paradoxical views on sex and violence

History Game

A new Facebook game, created with help from an American Jewish history professor, introduces players to the complex history of immigration in America

Mario in 3D

Hebrew U. algorithm gives old video games new lives

Settlers Launch Terrible New Video Game

The offense is both ideological and aesthetic

Thumbs Up

This week’s parasha, an exhaustive account of ritualistic slaughter, can teach us a lot about video games, a medium governed entirely by the mechanics of prescribed motions

Sky Scrapers

Jacob’s ladder, the subject of this week’s parasha, is a lot like the great video game Minecraft

Gaming God

A haftorah of video games and vengeance

Dark Night

How technology killed the silent, empty Israeli Yom Kippur experience

The Song Remains the Same

A Torah portion of music and memory

iGod the Almighty

A Torah portion of omnipotence and violence

‘Ghostbusters: The Video Game,’ is Based on the 1984 Film Co-Written By Harold Ramis

Haunted Ham: The new ‘Ghostbusters’ videogame rewards the kosher

A Few Good Men

With great power comes great responsibility

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