West Bank Mosque Desecration Prompts Violence

IDF confirms incident; skirmishes mild so far

Daybreak: Settlers Burn West Bank Mosque

Plus White House party controversy, Madoff gets some respect, and more in the news

Sundown: The Freeze Thaws

Plus, making gelt, and bruchot for Beckham?

Daybreak: Settlement Mayor Arrested

Plus, an East Jerusalem skirmish, Rothstein arraigned, and more

Visit Ramallah in Luxury!

Territories’ first chain hotel coming soon to West Bank

Ringtones Rock Ramallah

West Bank gets second cell carrier, providing musical choices

‘New Yorker’ on Gaza: ‘A Dystopian Atlantis’

Increasingly isolated, despairing society, with Shalit as metaphor

West Bank Labor Pains

Palestinian workers governed by Jordanian laws, weaker than Israel’s

Arch Nemesis

Desmond Tutu’s Palestinian activism reflects South Africa’s anti-Zionism

Israel Tells Foreign Visitors to Stay in West Bank

If they’re of Arab descent, ‘Forward’ says

West Bank School Closed for Swine Flu

Meantime, 3,175 cases diagnosed in Israel

Sundown: Taking the Sting Out

Imagining Mamet, roaming charges, and the band that played on

Daybreak: How Dangerous Are Settlers?

Talk and more talk today in the news

Freeze That Settlement?

Three opinions (but only one Jew) in today’s op-ed pages

Israel Approves Settlement Construction

Seen as a sop to right-wing parties

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