Femmes Fatales: How German Women Used Femininity for Evil During World War II

As nurses, spouses, or secretaries, German women in the east were helpmeets. A new book examines their roles in the Holocaust.

Women Reappear on Jerusalem Bus Ads

Following a ruling from the Israeli Supreme Court, ads return

Skirting the Issue?

Why discussing women, clothing, and religion isn’t a waste of time

A Different Voice

When a woman learns the art of Torah chanting, she realizes she is part of a new religious tradition—as well as a very old, sacred one

All We Are Saying Is Give Women a Chance

Livni pushes for female presence in peace talks

Sundown: Rights Council To Probe Flotilla

Plus what Mad Mel said now, and more

On My Own

Traveling the world as an unaccompanied but observant Muslim young woman

Ad Men

After the testosterone-fueled commercial wasteland of the Super Bowl, Olympics spots show some love to women.

‘Forward’: Jewish Charities Keep Glass Ceiling Intact

Few women in top posts, significant pay gaps

The Real Housewives of the Bible

Numbers 4:21-7:89

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon

The frenetic, hormonally charged days before a bat mitzvah

Queen Bee

Are Jennifer Weiner’s novels bestsellers because

Darkness Visible

Shira Nayman’s characters chase the ghosts who haunt them

Stepping Out

A Hadassah member attends her first event

Uncomfortably Numb

What happens when you go to Auschwitz and feel… nothing?

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