Men of Mystery

One the eve of the release of his 11th book, spy novelist Alan Furst reflects on his sources of inspiration and his cerebral and wordly—if not always Jewish—protagonists

Axis of Evil

A new book examines how the Nazis tailored their message for Arab and Muslim audiences

Miep Gies Is Dead

Anne Frank protector who saved diaries after arrest was 100

Today on Tablet

We talk to the Palestinian PM, and more

U.K. Kids Think Auschwitz Is Theme Park

But only some of them, in a multiple-choice poll

Daybreak: Tit for Tat on Nukes

Says Iran, plus a new charge against Israel and more in the news

Retribution, Reconsidered

A new play considers the psychology of Holocaust survivors fixed on vengeance

NJDC to MSNBC: Watch It!

Liberal network responds by blocking Buchanan nonsense

Far and Away

A new book amasses the varied tales of those who fled the Third Reich

Free Ride

A memoir burnishes the reputation of the Operation Valkyrie conspirators

Where the Heart Is

A 1951 novel parses the meaning of home

What Happened to Mary Berg?

A young girl’s account of the Warsaw Ghetto was a big success. Then the diary—and its author—disappeared.

Partners in Crime

David Benioff takes the buddy novel to wartime Leningrad

Place of No Return

Two trips to Poland offer very different impressions for the daughter of a Holocaust survivor

Great Pretenders

In Romain Gary’s family, invention was the necessity of mother and son

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