Making History

Israeli President Shimon Peres reflects on his mentor, his peace partner, and whether the State of Israel will survive

Visiting Privileges

As Netanyahu arrives in Washington a final Israeli-Palestinian agreement couldn’t be further away

Daybreak: U.S. Sanctions Brake For U.N. Ones

Plus Bibi to stop by D.C., and more in the news

Religion of Yes

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has always been divisive; now it’s being used as a wedge

Allah Is a Zionist

The Quranic argument for Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel

Why Rabin Shook Arafat’s Hand

New book reveals PM’s motives

Columnist: U.S. Should Negotiate With Hamas

Cohen compares group to the PLO of yore

Sundown: Abbas Says He Fears Israeli Assassination

Plus happy 100th to a New York knishery, and more

The Negotiator

Stephen P. Cohen weighs in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Photo Ops

As Obama sits down with Netanyahu and Abbas, a brief history of the trilateral summit

Who Killed Arafat?

It’s Israel’s fault, says Fatah

Daybreak: Israel Killed Arafat?

Settlements vs. Iran, Spielberg honored, and more in the news

Arafat Was Poisoned

And a conspiracy was behind it, says Fatah official

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