The Socialist

Friends and Politics, Part 2: Irving Howe. The prominent critic and I worked on Yiddish translations together, but a dispute over Israel and its Arab neighbors ruptured our relationship—until we reconnected over literature.

Sundown: The Week That Nothing Happened

Plus a few minor things that happened, and more

A Rose in Any Other Language …

Today on Tablet


Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish, premiering this week at the New York Jewish Film Festival, is a part of a recent resurgence of Yiddish-language filmmaking

Sundown: Brazil, Argentina Recognize Palestine

Plus sharks from Mossad! and more

Sundown: Israel’s Ailes

Plus deli’s Old Country, and more

A Settled Schtick

How to write a Yiddish trend piece

A Yidisher Pop

Bristol Palin, Paula Abdul, and a lesson in Yiddish

A Yidisher Pop

Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, and a lesson in Yiddish

A Yidisher Pop

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and a lesson in Yiddish

A Yidisher Pop

Snooki, Levi, and a lesson in Yiddish

A Yidisher Pop

A pop culture introduction to the mameloshen

A Yidisher Pop

Lindsay, Mel, and a Lesson in Yiddish

Today on Tablet

Trans-global commuters, learning Yiddish, and more

A Yidisher Pop

Twilight, Tom Cruise, and a lesson in Yiddish

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