‘Declaration of Loyalty’

Your weekly dose of Israelispeak

Bibi Floats Oath Quid for Freeze Quo

Fixation on settlements forces right-wing victory

You Better Recognize the Jewish State

But who is a Jew? A morning with Danny Ayalon

Of the People

Israeli democracy is strengthening, not weakening—and that might be the problem

Conversion Bill Takes Aim at Diaspora

Our editor returns fire in the NYT

Secret Meeting Sparks Furor

FM Lieberman feuds with PM Netanyahu

Israel’s Top Diplomat

Lieberman is F.M., but Barak may as well be

Lieberman Nixes Palestinian State in ‘12

Inside Israel’s insane coalition politics

Israeli Minister Threatens War Over Gas Fields

Why energy is the new Golan

Sundown: Obama and Abbas Have a Chat

Plus a Jewish ‘Jersey Shore,’ and more

The Turkish To-Do: Turkey Wins, Israel Loses

Turks credit ‘wise man’ Peres

Sundown: The Israeli Pledge of Allegiance

Plus Colorado shuls are cyber-attacked, and more

The Other Civil Union

Never mind gay marriage. In Israel, even the conventional variety is tricky.

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