French Court Drops Lawsuit Against Dieudonné

Says comedian’s video mocking the Holocaust doesn’t constitute hate speech

Uncovering My Family’s History—or a Clever Scam—75 Years After Kristallnacht

A woman in Germany claimed to have photos that could solve a mystery about my great-uncle’s death. But was she telling the truth?

The Drake Dialogues: Take Care, Because Nothing Is Ever the Same

The Jewish rapper releases his new ‘Nothing Was the Same.’ A pair of rabid hip-hop fans debate its value.

Orthodox Singers With a Dream Get Their Own American Idol-style Reality Show

You won’t hear Nicki Minaj covers or nasty critiques—or female voices—on this YouTube series, but you might find a Jewish star

Disinformation: ‘Pravda’ May Be Gone, but Now There’s ‘Russia Today’

Russia’s propaganda machine is stronger than ever thanks to cable network RT. Its Syria coverage offers the proof.

In Defense of Awful Holiday Videos

Democracy in Jewish America!

Copy That

Moses, the hero of this week’s parasha, knew about the importance of the public domain, in which shared stories shape common consciousness. But today we’re much more interested in private profit.

A debate: Is cyberbullying inevitable, or can parents stop the tide?

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IDF Flotilla videos garner millions of views

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Plus fairweather friends of the Jews, Jews do Christmas, and more

Anne Frank, YouTuber

The famous diarist’s latest online presence

Amy Winehouse Raps About Being Jewish

And smoking bacon

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