Today in Tablet

Israeli gangsters, Jewish birthers, and Einstein

Relatively Speaking, a Zionist

An anthology tries—and fails—to paint Einstein as hostile to Israel

Rah Finland!

Cold hands, warm hearts

Obliging Obama

What Netanyahu said yesterday, and to whom he was saying it

Man of the Past

Netanyahu is a leader mired in history, not looking to the future

Benjamin Disraeli

Scarlett O’Hara on the Galilee

A coming-of-age novel set in the Yishuv

The Storm Called Progress

Benjamin, Scholem, Rosenzweig and the Angel of History

Dyspeptic Academic

The stomach churning persistence of the Jewish day school experience

Zionist Princess

A new biography shines a light on Marie Syrkin

Love Thy Neighbor

What’s behind evangelical support for Israel?

The Book of Ruth

Rereading Yehuda Amichai through the lens of heartbreak

Comeback Kid

Having failed to assimilate, Ludwig Lewisohn went on to write the great American Jewish novel

Time of Favor

Israeli cinema has finally come into its own

A Gathering of Diasporas

An Israeli in New York contemplates her homeland

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