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15 July 2024
9 Tamuz 5784


  • The bloodied cheek, the fist raised in a gesture of courage in the face of death, the American flag in the background echoing Joe Rosenthal’s photo of the Marines raising the Stars and Stripes over Iwo Jima—all immediately transformed, via Trump’s intuitive political genius, into a symbol of defiance against the vast machinery of wealth and power that has spent the better part of a decade attempting to humiliate him, bankrupt him, jail him, take his balls and now literally kill him, only for it all to fail; only for Trump to rise, looking for all the world like a prizefighter standing in the ring, his own blood now mingled with that of his supporters, and shake his fist and vow to fight ... It’s the sort of image that makes you understand what Hegel meant when he called Napoleon “the world-spirit on horseback.”


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Tablet talks about Judaism a lot, but sometimes we like to change the subject. Maggie Phillips covers religious communities across the U.S.—from Christians to Muslims, Hindus to Baha’i, Jehovah’s Witnesses to pagans—to find out what they’re talking about.

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