Alina Dizik is a freelance journalist. Follow her on Twitter @dizik.

Very Superstitious

Clinging to old superstitions connects me to my Soviet Jewish roots. But as a mother, I worry about making my children neurotic about the evil eye.


Let Freedom Bling

Why do I wear a Jewish star on my necklace? Because in other places, people can’t.


Why I Started Lighting Shabbat Candles

As a Soviet émigré, I didn’t grow up caring about Jewish traditions. But a visit to a concentration camp changed my mind.


Enough With Russia, Already: I Want To Be an American

When people ask questions about my Soviet past, the answers aren’t easy. I’d rather be defined by my future.


When My Baby Says Her First Word, Will It Be in English or in Russian?

As a Soviet Jewish émigré, I broke all ties to Russia and its language—or so I thought, until my daughter was born

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