Amy Schreibman Walter is a writer and teacher living in London. Follow her @amyswalter

Finding Family History in Synagogue

A tour of the Lower East Side’s historic shuls brought me closer to my father


The East End’s Last Shuls

This area was once the center of London’s Jewish community, boasting almost 200 synagogues. Just four remain today. But don’t count them out quite yet.


Getting Back to Basics in the Kitchen

As an experiment, I gave up Googling recipes and relied instead on an old cookbook from my mother’s shelf, ‘How to Cook Like a Jewish Mother.’ The results were delicious.


Reclaiming My Name

Staying connected to my family meant coming to terms with more than one name


My Two Divorces

Why getting a ‘get’ was more meaningful, and more important to me, than my civil divorce


Home Is Where the Mezuzah Is

I had been building a Jewish home with my husband, but now that we’re separated, I’ve had to figure out how to do it on my own

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