Benjamin Gladstone studies Judaic Studies and Middle East Studies at Brown University and has written for the New York Times, The Forward, and The Tower, among other publications.

Poland’s Holocaust Denial and Anti-Semitism Run Far Deeper Than Just Its Latest Controversial Law

I recently visited Poland. The country’s efforts to efface Polish complicity and Jewish history in the Holocaust shocked me.


Young Anti-Zionist Jews Claim to Speak For My Generation. They Don’t. It’s Time We Called Them On It.

Anti-Zionist Jews are trying to push mainstream progressive Jews out of leftist spaces. Let’s push back.


For Jews, The Fight Against Islamophobia Must Begin At Home

Trump and his allies are attempting to play Jews and Muslims against each other by exploiting prejudice from within our community and without. We must fight back.


It’s Time for Zionists to Stop Celebrating the Balfour Declaration

The century-old document is a testament to colonialist double-dealing that left many Jews dead. Israel was reclaimed as the Jewish homeland in spite of it, not because of it.


It’s Time for Intersectionality to Include the Jews

Intersectional theory is uniquely suited to take on anti-Semitism. But intersectional activists often refuse to do so, perpetuating the prejudice instead.


Jews on the Right and Left Must Stop Excusing and Start Challenging Anti-Semitism Among Their Political Allies

We need to call out anti-Semitism even when it is politically inconvenient or the prejudice will continue to metastasize

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