David Auerbach is the author of Bitwise: A Life in Code (Pantheon). He is a writer and software engineer who has worked for Google and Microsoft. His writing has ap­peared in The Times Literary Supplement, MIT Technology Review, The Nation, Slate, The Daily Beast, n+1, and Bookforum, among many other publications. He has lectured around the world on technology, literature, philosophy, and stupidity. He lives in New York City.

The Coming Gentrification of YouTube    

Moderating YouTube won’t get rid of all the extremist content, just the stuff that doesn’t make money


The Tech Industry Is Dead! Long Live the Tech Monopolies!

The tech titans of the new digital economy aren’t really technology companies anymore, they’re network monopolies and they’re here to stay


Conspiratorial Thinking Is Getting Worse Because of the Internet

The architecture of social experience online favors the promotion of conspiracy, and conspiracy theories always come back to the Jews


Privacy … LOL

Aleph-Bits is Tablet’s new feature about the ethics of digital life. In today’s column: Privacy is over, Facebook already controls all of your personal data, and the only real question is whether you’ll get anything in return.


Understanding the Ethics of Bitcoin Through the Ideas of 19th-Century Thinker Georg Simmel

Aleph-Bits is a new, semiregular Tablet feature exploring the ethical questions of digital life. Its debut examines the human costs of the rise of cryptocurrencies.


Deleting the Digital Name of God

Is it a desecration to delete a text with God’s name? A review of the relevant digital halacha tries to come up with an answer

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