David Patrikarakos is the author of War in 140 Characters: How Social Media is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century, the origin of some of the material in this essay. His Twitter feed is @dpatrikarakos.

Jeremy Corbyn Will Lay a Wreath for PLO Munich Murderers but Not for Dead Jews at Yad Vashem

The Corbyn playbook was on full show: denial, backtracking, equivocation, and words so slippery even the Kool-Aid faithful were unsure of what to say.


Israel Is Losing the Social Media War

Why military supremacy is no longer enough for a Jewish state fighting on asymmetric fronts against nonstate actors with the ability to shape public perceptions and war narratives


In Brilliant New Play, Bernard-Henri Lévy Takes On the Follies of Brexit

‘Please, please remain. The long march begins tonight.’


British Jews Rally Against Anti-Semitism in Labour

“The slogan, ‘Enough is Enough,’ could not be more apt”


The Blot Against America

British political journalist and spy-thriller writer Jonathan Freedland imagined a president in need of removal from office before Trump was elected


Corbyn, Trump, and the Quest for Political Authenticity

How—and why—consummate outsiders like Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn are taking center stage this political season

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