David Sable is Global CEO of Y&R. He is a leader in the marketing industry and philanthropic endeavors, a digital pioneer, a prolific writer, and a deep believer in the power of people working together to bring change.

With the Binding of Isaac, Did Abraham Fail His Big Test?

Where was the patriarch’s pushback? And where’s ours?


The Good Boy, the Ashram, or the Cheeseburger: What Will Become of the Rabbi’s Son

The fourth in a series of reflections about growing up in a rabbinic home


Light Source

Tracing where Hanukkah’s most famous metaphor begins, and why it’s relevant today


The Magical Green Etrog

A dreamlike, childhood wonderment has grown into a special Sukkot tradition


Hanukkah’s Unsung Hero

My father always believed the lessons of Hanukkah exist beyond the miracles of war and long-lasting oil

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