Debra Kamin is a Tel Aviv-based writer. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Variety, Foreign Policy and

Tel Aviv Museum of Art Takes on Global Catastrophes

Part exhibition, part research project, part community activism, the exhibition showcases ‘constructive responses to natural disasters’


In Jerusalem, a Prayer Space for All—for One Week

The ‘Amen’ project, part of Jerusalem’s Mekudeshet Festival, will host Muslim, Jewish, and Christian prayers services this weekend, along with a bevy of other cross-cultural events


Different Doorways to the Torah

Female artists reinterpret scripture as part of the exhibit ‘Women of the Book’


Upstart Israeli News Channel i24 Takes Aim at CNN, the BBC—and Al Jazeera

Executives say they’re reaching 350 million viewers worldwide, and none of them in Hebrew

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