Eli Reiter is a three-time Moth Slam winner who produced the longform storytelling show Long Story Long. He's working on a collection essays.

The Hypocrisy of Airbnb’s West Bank Ban

The company is selectively applying its rules when it comes to Israel and, in the process, undermining its own values


On a Mystical Shabbat in Sarajevo, Finding Solace in a Stranger’s Story

The Shabbat after Tisha B’Av is a time of comfort to the long-suffering Jewish people. Awhile back, in a strange bar in a strange land, I experienced it for myself.


In an Orthodox Yeshiva, a Conversation About LGBTQ Jews

When a fellow teacher organized a campaign against an organization helping gay Jews stay connected with their communities, I knew it was a teachable moment


My Own Private Travel Ban

When I finally visited a Muslim nation I was afraid people wouldn’t take kindly to a yarmulke-wearing, bearded, Orthodox Jew like me. Then I realized human kindness always trumps government strictures.


Philip Roth and the Art of Belonging

For an Orthodox kid yearning to be accepted by the big world outside, the late novelist lit the way


Can an Observant Jew and a Secular Jew Make It Work?

When ancient laws and modern love meet, some difficult choices arise

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