Eugene Kontorovich is a professor at Northwestern University School of Law, and the head of the International Law Department at the Kohelet Policy Forum.

The Problem With Using the Tax Code to Punish Israeli Settlements

Why J Street’s push to revoke tax exemptions for groups supporting Jewish communities in the West Bank is unconstitutional


A Palestinian State Free of Jews?

A legal view into Netanyahu’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ speech


Why Critics of Israel’s New NGO ‘Transparency Law’ Are Wrong

The Knesset passed a law on Monday requiring local NGOs that receive more than half of their funding from foreign governments to disclose this information


How One of the BDS Movement’s Alleged ‘Victories’ Became One of Its Worst Defeats

Anti-BDS laws forced security contractor G4S to publicly repudiate the Israel boycott movement and commit to working with the Jewish state for years to come


Can States Fund BDS?

Is banning the use of public money to support companies that boycott Israel unconstitutional and illegal?

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