Hillel Kuttler is a writer and editor.

Hockey Broadcasting Legend Stan Fischler Retires, Moves to the Golan Heights

As the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights vie for the 2018 Stanley Cup, the man known as The Hockey Maven leaves the sport behind—richer than he found it in 1939


Sabermetrician Ari Kaplan Uses the Science of Balls and Strikes to Illuminate the Fate of Holocaust Rescuer Raoul Wallenberg

How a baseball stats nerd came to ‘interrogate the database’ of a Soviet prison in search of clues to a 70-year-old mystery


From Japan With Love

Mysterious photographs lead to some Japanese who rescued Jews from the Holocaust, with a boat, in secret


From the Mekong to Maryland

After the fall of Saigon, a Baltimore synagogue helped 15 Vietnamese become Americans


‘Hogan’s Heroes’ Lied

The photograph collection of a quiet Army veteran, long dead, dispels rosy myths of WWII


The Rabbi in Wartime

In the fog of war, one chaplain made a difference. So, a grateful veteran decided to learn more about the man he once knew.

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