Hélène Jawhara-Piñer is a PhD candidate in History, Medieval History, and the History of Food in France. She was awarded the Broome & Allen Fellowship from the American Sephardi Federation in 2018. She gives Sephardic cooking classes in France specializing in Spanish and Moroccan Jewish cuisine.

A Centuries-Old Green Delicacy for Tu B’Shevat

A delicious Sephardic dish and a testament to Jewish renewal rescued from the Spanish Middle Ages


Making Hanukkah ‘Japonesas,’ the Jewish Doughnuts of Medieval Spain

This holiday, a delicacy from the ‘Jews of the Rock’ and a delicious taste of Gibraltar


Making Mufleta, History’s Oldest Jewish Pastry, for the Holidays

A culinary scholar discovers a medieval recipe for an ancient—and still delicious—Jewish pastry

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